Lonesome Hollow

Lonesome Hollow
by Lee Blessing
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February 22 - March 2, 2013
Capital City Theater, Reed Opera House

Director: Seth Allen
Stage Manager: Kate Thomas

Tuck: Michael Swanson
Nye: Bob Olin
Mills: Jillyn Chang
Glover: Ron Fox
Pearl: Pamela Bilderbeck


“Incredible show. Floored me with its message and the talented cast and crew.”

... “A strong cast that brought forth a powerful, thought provoking, emotional show…”

“We watched it last night and we are still talking about it today. It has been a long time since I have seen something like this.”

“One of the best shows out of a Salem theatre in a very long time.”

“…The acting was awe-inspiring, the directing sublime…The Verona Studio made a great play visceral, funny, tragic, appalling, heart wrenching, immediate. Thank you for one of the best theatrical experiences of my life…”