Acting classes

Instructor: Seth Allen
The Verona Studio offers both group and private classes for all ages. We offer beginning and advanced levels. Our goal is to provide a professional, safe and creative environment to explore. All classes will culminate in an opportunity for the students to perform in front of peers, friends and family on a semi-regular basis.

- Stage directions
- Reading a script
- Creating a character
- Monologue work
- Beginning scene work
- Character analysis
- Script breakdown and analysis
- Making strong choices
- Scene work
- Monologue work
- Continuing voice work
We offer one-on-one coaching for theatre and film/television auditions. Get confident with the scene or monologue before the audition.
Email for more information, pricing and schedule.

"The Verona Studio is a great space and is well-equipped for getting the most out of classes (private and group), auditions and rehearsals. Seth creates a safe and supportive atmosphere and gives constructive and applicable feedback in a way that is accessible and encouraging, giving young and seasoned actors, alike, the confidence to bring their very best to the stage. Without Seth's expert guidance and coaching, I would have been entirely unequipped to enter the professional world of film acting and theatre.Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Seth Rue, Television and stage actor

" Seth Allen has been my daughter's acting teacher for five years, and has been integral to her success in theatre. His focus on technique, improvisation, and audition preparation has given her the confidence and skills she has needed to perform successfully and consistently. Seth's easygoing but focused teaching style helps students of all ages and experience levels find their own unique "voices", while carefully guiding them to higher levels of their craft. We highly recommend Seth to anyone who is seriously looking to develop their speaking, acting, and auditioning skills."
Sara Greenleaf, Parent