The Father
Written by Florian Zeller
Directed by Patricia Wylie

Auditions: June 11 &12, 6:30pm at The Verona Studio
Performances: September 20 – October 6, 2018

André was once a tap dancer. He lives with his daughter, Anne, and her husband, Antoine. Or was André an engineer, whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? The thing is, he is still wearing his pajamas, and he can’t find his watch. He is starting to wonder if he’s losing control…
2014 Moliere Award for Best Play

All the characters in the play are defined by Andre’s point of view as he declines. They are both real and projections of Andre’s imagination as he progresses through the stages of his malady. This calls for range and flexibility in portraying the roles.


Andre: This role has been cast.

Anne: Andre’s daughter, 40ish (or can play) strong-hearted, deeply compassionate, struggling with being a care-taker to her father whom she loves.

Pierre: Anne’s husband, 40’s (or can play) Committed to Anne but has a difficult time adjusting to Andre because he takes up so much of his wife’s time and energy; loving and thoughtful at times; Andre’s projection of him is hurtful and dismissive at times.

Laura (mid-20’s to early 30’s) Nurse to Andre. Young, genuine caretaker, charming; able to deal with Andre in a mature and thoughtful manner.

The Woman: (mid 30’s or can play) This character represents the projections of Andre’s memory loss. She is Anne and a Nurse; characters that he does not recognize as his disease progresses.

The Man: (40’s) This character represents the projections of Andre’s memory loss. He represents Pierre but is seen as “diabolical and threatening” in Andre’s mind.


Miss Julie
Written by August Strindberg, translated by Michael Meyer
Directed by Gregory Jolivette

October 1 & 2, 6:30 at the Verona Studio
Cold readings. Sides will be available.

November 29 - December 15, 2018

On Midsummer’s Eve, during the celebration of Summer Solstice, a count’s frustrated daughter courts scandal and more when she tries to seduce her father’s valet. Explores class and gender conflict.

The kitchen of the Count’s manor house on Midsummer’s Eve, 1886


Christine: A kitchen maid. Jean’s girlfriend. Hard working and pragmatic. Stable. Satisfied and accepting of the status quo. (30-35)

Jean: The valet. Handsome, with a great deal of worldly knowledge and experience for a servant. Gallant, cruel, and somewhat sadistic. Dreams of moving up in the world. (30-40)

Julie: This role has been cast.

Rehearsals begin October 8 at the Verona Studio. We will generally rehearse in the evenings. Specific start time will depend on cast availability.