Written by Sharr White
Directed by: Kate Thomas

July 5 at 7pm
July 8 at 11am
Both times at the theatre.


Emma: Mid 50's - mid 60's
She is urbane and fierce. She is a new Englander. She is not sentimental; although, in a moment of weakness, she fell in love with Ulysses. She is kind and selfless; however, she adamantly denies it. She left Ulysses twenty years ago.

Ulysses: Mid 50's - mid 60's
He is a cowboy-poet and a professor of English. He is a recovering alcoholic. He has a sharp, quick tongue and a northern Colorado/Wyoming/Montana dialect. Ex-husband to Emma.

- Be prepared to cold read from the script.
- Performances: September 14, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 & 30 2017
(Additional 2pm matinee performances on Sept. 23 & 30)
- Rehearsal schedule TBA after casting.


After twenty years apart, Emma tracks Ulysses to a trailer park in the middle of nowhere for a final reckoning. What unfolds is a visceral and profound meditation on love and loss.